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Indonesia’s Pertamina sees oil production rise 10% in 2023, while gas rose 3%

The Indonesian oil and gas company Pertamina has released its 2023 results, in which the group posts a 10% increase in oil production compared to 2022. Pertamina’s oil production rose from 514 kb/d in 2022 to 566 kb/d in 2023. Oil production reached 415 kb/d from domestic operations and 151 kb/d from international operations.

In addition, the group’s domestic gas production increased by 3% from 2,241 mcf/d (23.16 bcm/year) in 2022 to 2,388 mcf/d (24.68 bcm/year) in 2023. Throughout 2023, Pertamina conducted drilling operations with 799 wells (+16%). The group contributes 69% to Indonesia’s national oil lifting and 34% to the country’s national gas lifting.