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Indonesia plans to build a nuclear power plant by 2039

Indonesia's Nuclear Energy Control Agency (Bapeten) has announced that the Indonesian government plans to build a new nuclear power plant by 2039, in order to help the country achieve its target of reaching net zero emissions by 2060. The capacity and location of the future nuclear plant have not yet been communicated.

However, Bapeten has announced that it has prepared a series of regulations on nuclear safety infrastructure, ranging from evaluating the planned location for the nuclear power plant, its construction to its trial operation. The Agency specified that they will be thorough regarding the location of the plant due to the seismic risks in Indonesia.

In May 2022, Indonesia announced it aims to build 587 GW of CO2-free power plants by 2060, including 35 GW of nuclear, alongside 361 GW of solar, 83 GW of hydropower, 39 GW of wind, 37 GW of biomass, 18 GW of geothermal and 13.4 GW of tidal. Indonesia currently does not possess nuclear power capacity.

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