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Iberdrola added 3,250 MW of clean energy to its portfolio in 2023

The Spanish energy group Iberdrola has released preliminary 2023 results. During the year, the group added 3,250 MW of new renewable capacity to its portfolio, reaching a total renewable portfolio of 42,175 MW. Wind energy dominates with 22.6 GW installed by the end of 2023, of which onshore wind constitutes 20.8 GW (+ 655 MW added in 2023). In addition, Iberdrola also increased its pumped-storage hydropower capacity by 160 MW corresponding to the last dam of the Alto Támega complex (Portugal), reaching a total of 100 GWh of storage. 

As of renewable energy production, the group reached almost 80 TWh (+ 6.3% to 2022), with renewable power generation rising by 10% (excluding Brazil due to lower hydropower availability); in Spain, renewable power generation increased by 24%. The company’s renewable production saved nearly 14 MtCO2, with 100% emission-free generation in the United Kingdom, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria. Iberdrola’s emission-free production in Spain reached 87%.