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Hungary's solar capacity surged by 1.6 GW in 2023 to 5.6 GW

During 2023, Hungary's installed solar capacity increased by 1.6 GW, achieving a record total solar capacity of over 5.6 GW. The 1.6 GW annual installation record is more than one and a half times than the capacity added during 2022. According to preliminary figures from the Hungarian transmission system manager MAVIR, 5.6 GW of solar capacity are now connected to the Hungarian power grid, of which 3.3 GW come from industrial solar power plants and 2.3 GW from residential-scale installations. During 2023, solar parks above 50 kW reached their all-time high output last summer, generating more than 2.7 GW on 12 August. 

In 2024, Hungary expects to support the growth of residential PV through the Napenergia Plusz Program, a grant scheme for the installation of modern solar panel and storage systems with a total budget of HUF75.8bn (€199m) that expects to support over 15,000 households.

The development of solar increased very rapidly between 2018 (installed capacity of 728 MW) and 2022 (4 GW). In 2022, the Hungarian Government announced its intention to reach 14 GW of installed solar capacity by 2030.