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Hungary, Serbia, and Slovenia couple their power exchanges

 Serbia, Slovenia and Hungary have coupled their power exchanges, with Hungary joining the Alpine-Adriatic Danube Power Exchange (ADEX) that was set up in December 2022 by the Serbian power transmission system operator (TSO) Elektromreža Srbije (EMS), its Slovenian counterpart ELES, and EPEX SPOT. In addition, EMS has become the owner of 25% of the electricity exchange in Slovenia and Hungary. The common platform for all three stock exchanges is expected to enable more efficient trading in electricity in the region, encourage the development of the regional electriicty market and provide a reliable market environment for new investments.

ADEX is the first regional power exchange for Central and South-Eastern Europe, aimed to couple the Serbian day-ahead market with the pan-European Single Day-Ahead Coupling (SDAC). In January 2024, Slovenia, Hungary and Serbia agreed to set up a joint power exchange for electricity trading, to open during the first half of 2024. The Serbian electricity market could be coupled with the single European electricity market as early as 2026 (coupled day-ahead market in the first quarter of 2026 and intraday market in the fourth quarter). 


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