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Hong Kong’s HK Electric plans to build a 380 MW gas-fired unit at Lamma

HK Electric will build a new 380 MW gas-fired generation unit at the Lamma power plant in Hong Kong (China). The new unit, L13, which will be manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), is expected to come onstream in 2029, replacing an old coal-fired generation unit to maintain the generation capacity. The remaining two coal-fired units will stop using coal for routine electricity generation in 2035 or earlier.

In addition, a 380 MW gas-fired generation unit L12 started commercial operation in end March 2024. Consequently, the proportion of gas-fired generation by HK Electric, which operates only the Lamma power plant in Hong Kong, is set to increase from around 56% in 2023 to around 70% in 2024. With proper modifications and repurposing, these units can use both natural gas and hydrogen as fuels in future. 

Power capacity in Hong Kong reached 11.7 GW at end-2022, with 53% of coal, 40% of gas and 6% of oil.

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