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H2Carrier will develop two wind projects (1.55 GW) to produce hydrogen in Norway

The Norwegian hydrogen company H2Carrier has submitted an application to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) for the development of two large onshore wind projects totalling 1.55 GW, which will be located in Finnmark County (northern Norway). The first wind power plant, Oksefjorden, will be located at the Skjøtnigberg peninsula in the municipalities of Lebesby and Gamvik, while the second wind power plant, Rubbedalshøgda, will be based at the Varanger peninsula in the municipalities of Båtsfjord and Berlevåg. The electricity produced from these wind power plants, estimated at 6.35 TWh/year, will be used to produce 109 kt/year of green hydrogen and 610 kt/year of green ammonia. 

In 2022, wind represented about 12% of Norway’s installed capacity with 5 GW, and 10% of its power generation with nearly 15 TWh. As for hydrogen, Norway has established a roadmap to facilitate the establishment of five hydrogen hubs in maritime transport, up to two industrial projects with associated production facilities, and five to ten pilot projects for the development and demonstration of new and more cost-effective hydrogen solutions by 2025.

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