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GreenGo plans to develop a 60 GW green energy project in Mauritania

The Danish renewable energy developer GreenGo Energy Group has submitted plans to Mauritania’s Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines to develop of a 60 GW/190 TWh of hybrid solar and wind generation project in Mauritania, with 35 GW of electrolysis capacity to produce 4 Mt/year of green hydrogen or 18 Mt of green ammonia.  The Megaton Moon project is expected to be implemented in stages, with the pilot stage scheduled for 2028 and the final phases expected to be completed between 2033 and 2035. The project should utilize 10 TWh of renewable power to facilitate the development of a large scale, local desert farming industry and to produce over 70 Mt/year of desalinated water. The project should be financed by GreenGo Energy’s partnership with Tier1 investors. 

Mauritania has a large renewable potential, with annual generation per unit of PV installed capacity higher than 1.6 MWh/kWp for its entire territory, according to IRENA. At the end of 2022, the country had an installed capacity of 627 MW, with 80% of oil, 14% of solar, and 5% of wind, and has 40 GW of green hydrogen projects under development. 

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