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Global wind installations reached a record high in 2023 with 117 GW added

According to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), new wind power capacity installations accelerated in 2023 with a record of 117 GW of new wind capacity installed during the year, i.e. 54% more than the 2022 capacity additions. Offshore wind installations grew by nearly 11 GW during the year raising the offshore wind capacity to over 75 GW. The global cumulative wind capacity passed the 1 TW milestone in 2023 with around 1,020 GW at the end of the year.

China continued to lead installations, with over 75 GW of new wind capacity installed in 2023 (i.e., nearly 65% of the global total), including 69 GW onshore (65% of the total) and 6.3 GW offshore (58% of the total). Outside China, the growth was concentrated in a few large countries such as the United States (+6.4 GW), Brazil (+4.8 GW) and Germany (+3.6 GW). Moreover, wind installations in Africa and the Middle East increased by 182% compared with 2022.