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Germany plans to multiply its renewable capacity by 5 over 2021-45

The German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur or BNetzA) has approved the electricity scenario framework for future grid development by 2037 and 2045. The three scenarios forecast a net power consumption comprised between 828 TWh and 982 TWh in 2037 (x1.7 to x2.1 compared to 2020/21 level) and 999 TWh and 1,222 TWh in 2045 (x2.1 to x2.6).

Total generation capacity is expected to increase to 616-627 GW in 2037 (x2.7 compared to 2020/21 level), with 565-576 GW of renewables (x4.1). In 2045, the country’s installed capacity should reach 685-750 GW in 2045 (x3), with 638-703 GW of renewables (x4.6-5.1, 93-94% of total capacity), including 400-445 GW of solar (58-59% of total capacity), 160-180 GW of onshore wind (23-24%) and 180 GW of offshore wind (24-26%).

At end-2021, Germany’s installed capacity stands at 228 GW, with 28% of wind (64 GW), 26% of solar (58 GW), 17% of gas (39 GW) and 16% of coal (37 GW).

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