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Gazprom (Russia) cuts gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 by 80% to 12 bcm/year

The Russian state-owned energy group Gazprom has reduced gas supplies over the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to 33 mcm/d (12 bcm/year), dropping to 20% of capacity. In June 2022, the company cut gas supplies over Nord Stream 1 from 167 mcm/d (61 bcm/year) to 100 mcm/d (36.5 bcm/year), and later to 67 mcm/d (24.5 bcm/year).

The Nord Stream twin pipeline system, which comprises two 1,224-km offshore pipelines with a combined capacity of 55 bcm/year, runs from Vyborg (Russia) to Lubmin near Greifswald (Germany). The system was built and is operated by Nord Stream, a Swiss company owned by Gazprom (51%), Wintershall Dea (15.5%), E.ON (15.5%), Gasunie (9%) and Engie (9%). The pipeline transported a volume of 59.2 bcm of natural gas to Europe in 2021 (stable compared to 2020).

Gazprom previously stopped exporting gas westbound through Poland via the Yamal-Europe pipeline after Russia sanctioned EuRoPol Gaz, which owns the Polish section. In addition, Ukraine discontinued Russian gas flows via one of the two transit points to Europe, cutting off a third of the Russian gas which is piped to Europe through Ukraine.