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Estonia approves EIA for a 1 GW offshore wind project

The Estonian Ministry of Climate approved the Estonian renewable energy company Enefit Green’s environmental impact assessment (EIA) of its 1 GW North-Western Estonian offshore wind park, officially allowing the project to move forward on its development.  The North West Estonian offshore wind project began assessing its environmental impact since 2006, carrying a number of studies to clarify the possible environmental impacts associated with the establishment of the wind park and the measures needed to mitigate them. The project is planned to have a capacity of 1 GW, with space to accommodate up to 60 wind turbines and generate approximately 4 TWh/year and it could begin operation at the earliest in the 2030’s. 

Estonia has an electricity capacity of 2.8 GW, essentially based on oil shale. The development of wind is the main priority for the country, with several offshore projects in development. Estonia aims to reach 4.3 TWh of renewable power generation in 2030 (covering all of Estonia's needs), including 2.6 TWh from wind in order to achieve its target of climate neutrality by 2050. 

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