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Entergy and NextEra to develop 4.5 GW of solar and energy storage (US)

US companies Entergy and NextEra Energy Resources have entered into an agreement to develop up to 4.5 GW of new solar generation and energy storage projects. The five-year joint development agreement is expected to facilitate the development and construction of new solar generation and energy storage projects by enabling Entergy to provide its customers with low-cost, renewable energy as demand grows across Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. The agreement adds up to 4.5 GW on top of the more than 1.7 GW of renewable energy projects being developed by Entergy.

The country’s capacity amounts to 1 310 GW (end of 2023). It is dominated by gas (43%), followed by coal (15%), wind (11%), solar (10%), and hydro and nuclear (8% each). In total, renewables account for 31% of the total capacity.