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ElCom forecasts a 27% increase for electricity prices in Switzerland in 2023

According to ElCom, the Swiss Federal Electricity Commission, electricity prices for basic supply will rise by 27% for households in Switzerland in 2023. ElCom forecasts that, on average, households will pay around CHF27c/kWh (€28c/kWh) in 2023, an increase of nearly CHF6c/kWh (€6c/kWh) compared to 2022. This corresponds to an average annual electricity bill of CHF1,215 (€1,291), an increase of CHF261 (€269) compared to 2022. ElCom specifies however that differences can be significant at the local level.

Switzerland’s 630 distribution system operators had until 31 August 2022 to inform their customers and ElCom of their electricity tariffs for 2023. They consist of network usage tariffs, energy prices, fees due to public collectivities and supplements collected on the network. For a typical household, network costs will increase by 7% to CHF10.5c/kWh (€11c/kWh) and energy prices will increase by 64% to CHF13c/kWh (€13c/kWh). Royalties due to public authorities will increase by 11% to CHF1c/kWh (€1c/kWh) and the network supplements will remain unchanged at the legal maximum of CHF2.3c/kWh (€2.4c/kWh). These tariffs will also increase for small and medium-sized businesses in Switzerland by 24% on average.