EDF's nuclear power generation rose by 3.7% in 2018 (France)

11 Jan 2019

French state-owned power utility EDF has published information concerning its nuclear power generation in France and in the United Kindgom in 2018.

French nuclear power generation rose by 3.7% (+14.1 TWh) in 2018, reaching 393 TWh, in line with its previously established corporate targets ranging between 393 TWh and 396 TWh. Lower reactor outages in December 2018 (compared with the previous year) contributed to a higher monthly generation (+4%). In the United Kingdom, nuclear power generation fell by 7.5% on a year-on-year basis to 59.1 TWh.

EDF operates 58 nuclear reactors in France, with a total capacity of 63.1 GWe. Nuclear energy amounts close to three quarters of the total domestic power generation. In the UK, EDF Energy currently owns and operates eight nuclear power plants with a total combined capacity of 8.9 GWe.

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