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Denmark unveils plan for the development of the 3.8 GW Bornholm Energy Island

The Danish Energy Agency has published its “Plan for Program Bornholm Energy Island”, which sets out the framework for the development of the future Energy Island, which will feature 3.8 GW of capacity. The site will consist in an offshore wind park south of Bornholm Island, as well as high-voltage installations on Bornholm and Zealand (Denmark).

The Danish Energy Agency, which held a number of public meetings in 2021, 2022 and 2023 with the public, stakeholders and authorities, has assessed that it is possible to adopt the aforementioned plan and start a developing process for the project. The project could be completed in the early 2030s.

In April 2024, the Danish Energy Agency launched a tender for at least 6 GW of offshore wind capacity in four areas, namely North Sea I (at least 3 GW, split in three projects), Kattegat (at least 1 GW), Kriegers Flak II (at least 1 GW) and Hesselø (0.8-1.2 GW), to be completed in 2030. Denmark has currently 2.7 GW of offshore wind capacity (end of 2023), and the Thor offshore wind park will supply a further 1 GW when completed in 2027.

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