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Congo DR officially inaugurates a 240 MW dam

Sino-Congolaise Hydroélectrique de Busanga, a joint-venture between Chinese state-owned companies China Railway Resources Group (CRR) and Power China Resources (PCR) (75%) and Congolese investors (25%), comprising the Congolese state-owned mining company Gécamines, its affiliate Simco, and Congo Management (Coman), have officially inaugurated the 240 MW Busanga hydropower plant located in Lualaba province, 110 km from Kolwezi (Congo DR).

Construction started in 2017 and commissioning took place in 2021. The project was built by the two Chinese firms under the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model with an investment of US$656m. Out the 240 MW capacity, 170 MW (71%) is supplying Sicomines, a copper mining company majority owned by Chinese state-owned groups, and 70 MW (29%) is allocated to the country’s national power utility SNEL.

Hydro accounts for most of the country’s capacity with 94% and for 99% of its power generation (2021).

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