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Congo DR and South Africa seek to revive Inga 3 hydropower project

The Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo DR) and South Africa have pledged to revive the Inga 3 hydroelectric project. The 11 GW project, which aims to harness the power of the Congo River, has faced delays and disagreements. The World Bank had initially supported the project but withdrew its involvement in 2016. However, recent discussions have taken place with potential new partners, including China and the World Bank. The deal is expected to be finalised within 18 months, after which engineering work can commence.

In January 2020, the Congolese government and the African Development Bank (AfDB)​ agreed on the project with an initial capacity of 4.8 GW, which could be later expanded to 7.5 GW, and eventually to 11 GW. The project would cost US$12bn. Of the 4.8 GW capacity, 2.5 GW would be directed for South Africa, 1.3 GW for mining companies in Congo DR and 1 GW for the national network.

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