A Chinese company starts building a 2.5 Mt/year refinery in Congo

23 Feb 2021

The Chinese company Beijing Fortune Dingheng Investment has started building the 2.5 Mt/year (50,000 bbl/d) Atlantique Pétrochimie refinery in Fouta, near Pointe-Noire in Congo. The project, which requires a US$600m investment, could by expanded by an additional 2.5 Mt/year at a later stage. The new refinery will produce high-quality gasoline and diesel, products for domestic use such as liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene and fuel oil, as well as products used as raw materials for the petrochemical industry such as propylene, propane, hydrogen naphtha and sulfuric acid.

CORAF (Société Congolaise de Raffinage, 100% SNPC) operates the country's sole refinery in Pointe-Noire, which has a nameplate capacity of 21,000 bbl/d (1 Mt/year) but only processes 0.6 Mt/year. In 2019, Congo’s consumption of petroleum products reached 0.5 Mt (10,000 bbl/d).

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