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The China-Central Asia natural gas pipeline supplied 43 bcm to China in 2022

According to the Chinese oil and gas infrastructure company PipeChina, the China-Central Asia gas pipeline supplied 43.2 bcm of natural gas to China in 2022. The pipeline carries between 100 and 120 mcm/day of natural gas on average. By the end of 2022, it had delivered a total of 423.2 bcm of natural gas to China since its launch in 2009, mostly from Turkmenistan.

The 1,833 km-long China-Central Asia Gas Pipeline comprises three lines that run from the border of Turkmenistan, through Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, to Horgos in China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region, where it links up with China's West-to-East Gas Pipeline.

In 2021, China imported a total of 156 bcm of natural gas (LNG included). 56% of piped gas imports came from Turkmenistan (31 bcm), 18% from Russia (10 bcm), and 11% from Kazakhstan. In October 2022, Turkmenistan announced its intention to more than double its natural gas exports to China to 65 bcm/year thanks to the laying of a 30 bcm/year fourth line of the China-Central Asia gas pipeline, currently under construction. The China-Turkmenistan gas pipeline currently has a capacity of 55 bcm/year, and once fully completed, is expected to reach a flow capacity of 85 bcm/year.