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CEIC connects to the grid a 1 GW coal-fired power unit in Hunan (China)

The Hunan branch of China Energy Investment Corporation (CEIC) has connected to the Chinese grid the 1 GW first unit of the 2x1 GW Yueyang coal-fired thermal power plant located in Hunan (central China). The new unit will undergo a 168-hour trial run before becoming fully operational.

The Yueyang power plant is a strategic cooperation project between CEIC and the Hunan Province, which aim to build a total of four 1 GW ultra-supercritical (USC) coal-fired units. The CNY7.24bn (US$990m) Yueyang thermal project also comprises a second 1 GW unit, which is scheduled to be put into operation in December 2023. Construction of the two units started in December 2021.

As of end-2022, coal-fired generation still dominated China’s installed capacity and power mix. Coal represented 46% of the country’s installed capacity with 1,174 GW and 62% of its power generation with 5,494 TWh. China currently has nearly 100 GW of coal-fired capacity under construction and more than 142 GW under development.

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