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Bulgaria approves the start of construction of Kozloduy-7 nuclear plant

The Bulgarian Government has given its green light for the construction of Unit 7 of the Kozloduy nuclear power plant, as well as for the preparatory works for Unit 8. Both units would be Westinghouse Electric AP-1000 reactors and would have a combined capacity of 2,300 MW.

The government will provide BGN500m (around €250m) to support the project and will start negotiations for new loans with financial institutions to improve financing. In June 2023, Kozloduy NPP-Newbuild signed a Front-End Engineering and Design contract with Westinghouse to supply an AP1000 reactor. The construction of Kozloduy-7 is expected to be completed in 2033, with Kozloduy-8 following two or three years later.

Bulgaria has two VVER-1 000 reactors (2x950 MW) at the Kozloduy nuclear plant (units 5 and 6), which are expected to operate until 2027 (unit 5) and 2029 (unit 6). As agreed in the framework of Bulgaria's accession to the European Union, the first four reactors of the plants (two 408 MW units and two 440 MW units) were closed in 2003 and 2006.

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