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BP unveils GTA2 LNG project in Senegal and Mauritania

BP and partners have confirmed the development concept for the second phase of the BP-operated Greater Tortue Ahmeyim (GTA) LNG project, located 120 km offshore Mauritania and Senegal in water depth of 2850 m. The consortium, comprising BP, the Senegalese state-owned oil and gas company Petrosen, Mauritania’s national hydrocarbon corporation Société mauritanienne des hydrocarbures (SMH) and the US upstream group Kosmos Energy, will evaluate a gravity-based structure (GBS) as the basis for the GTA Phase 2 expansion project (GTA2) with total capacity of between 2.5-3 Mt/year.

With the structure serving as both a foundation for liquefaction facilities and a storage facility for LNG, GBS LNG installations have a static link to the seabed. The first phase of the project, currently under development will export gas to an FPSO approximately 40 km offshore, where the gas will be processed and liquids separated, before exporting gas onward to floating LNG facilities 10 km offshore. The GTA project is expected to produce around 2.3 Mt/year of LNG when operations start.

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