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ACWA Power will develop two wind projects in Uzbekistan totalling 800 MW

The Uzbek Government has signed resolutions on the construction of two new wind power plants to be developed by the Saudi energy company ACWA Power. The two wind parks will total 800 MW and be built in the Bukhara and Karakalpakstan regions of Uzbekistan. The capacity of the wind project in Gijduvan (Bukhara) will be 300 MW, while the project Kungrad (Karakalpakstan) will have a capacity of 500 MW. 

The total amount of investment that ACWA Power seeks to attract to both projects is US$1.1bn. Of this amount, US$682m would be spent on the construction of a wind farm in Gijduvan, while the rest would be for the one in Kungrad.

As of 2022, renewable capacity including hydro made up about 13% of Uzbekistan’s installed capacity with 2.3 GW, but solar and wind accounted for just about 1 % with only 253 MW. As for electricity production, renewables including hydro made up 7% of the country’s power generation in 2022 with 5.3 TWh (the share of wind and solar is negligeable however). 

Uzbekistan aims to reach 27 GW of renewable energy capacity and 40% of electricity production from renewables by 2030. The country currently has 1.1 GW of wind capacity under construction and 4.6 GW under development.

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