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99.5% of Türkiye’s power capacity growth in 2023 came from renewables

Türkiye’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has published its evaluations on the installed power data for 2023, revealing that the country’s total installed capacity increased by nearly 2.9 GW, of which 99.5% came from renewable sources. Nearly 1.9 GW of new solar capacity and over 400 MW of wind capacity were added during the year, along with nearly 300 MW of hydropower capacity. Türkiye’s installed capacity in 2023 reached 106.6 GW, of which renewables accounted for 59 GW (55%). Total power generation reached 326.3 TWh in 2023, with renewable energy having a share of 42% (137 TWh).

At the end of 2023, Türkiye had a total installed capacity of 106.7 GW, mainly made up of 32 GW of hydroelectricity (30%), 25 GW of gas (24%), 22 GW of coal and lignite (20%), 12 GW of wind (11%), and 11 GW of solar (11%). Türkiye’s goal is to increase the share of renewables in installed capacity to 65% and its share in production to 55% by 2035. 

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