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The 595 MW Garoña solar PV project receives construction approval (Spain)

The renewable energy company Solaria has obtained administrative approval for the construction of the 595 MW Garoña solar project in Burgos, Spain. The project consisting of four solar plants that aim to reach a total combined capacity of 3 GW is being developed in the vicinity of the former Garoña nuclear power plant. The €360m project is one of Solaria’s largest projects with around 1.5m solar panels. The solar project is expected to produce electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of 300,000 homes and is projected to have a useful life of 30 years. 

The Garoña solar project replaces the Santa María de Garoña nuclear power plant, which was the oldest of its kind in Spain, completing 40 years of operational life in 2011, and has been decommissioned since December 2012. As of end 2022, Spain had an electricity capacity of 118 GW, including 22 GW of solar capacity, and it targets to achieve an installed capacity of 76 GW of solar PV and 4.8 GW of solar CSP by 2030. 

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