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Study on the development of self-consumption for the European Commission

The European Commission's Directorate General for Energy aims to understand the development of renewable self-consumption in Europe, as well as the regulatory, technical and sociological barriers to its expansion. In particular, the European Commission needs a quantified view of the deployment of renewable installations and the associated self-consumption rates.

Thanks to its expertise in this advanced field and its ability to aggregate and structure data, Enerdata is responding to these needs in a consortium with Trinomics and Schoenherr. The company has used a combination of diverse sources and structured hypotheses, backed up by an interview campaign, to estimate self-consumption rates by country.

The results of this in-depth study will be presented in a future public report. This report will provide valuable information on the development of renewable self-consumption in Europe, highlighting the main challenges and opportunities to encourage its growth. The European Commission will be able to rely on this data to inform its decisions and develop policies promoting self-consumption.