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Study on energy prices projections for the French national railway company, SNCF

Together with its partners Compass Lexecon and Solagro, Enerdata has been developing energy prices projections up to 2050 to support SNCF in defining its decarbonisation strategy.

This study covers all main energies but also new key drivers for projections: oil products, natural gas, bioenergy, electricity and hydrogen.

The study covers global oil and gas markets, European power market and France for bioenergy.

It also focuses on energy prices  for end-users, with a breakdown of all components including taxation. One important outcome is that, in a context of strong decarbonisation, the fuel price increase for the end-users will be mainly due to the CO2 tax. Currently, this tax is difficult to forecast because the measure is lacking of social acceptance: in France, the CO2 tax level has been frozen since the yellow safety vests demonstrations.

In addition to the delivery of quantitative energy prices projections, Enerdata has set up workshops on energy and climate prospective and energy markets to provide SNCF with key insights to shape its decarbonisation strategy.