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Supporting Groupe SNCF to Design 2050 Decarbonisation Trajectories

Following the carbon neutrality study “ZEN 2050,” Groupe SNCF has decided to develop an ambitious zero-net-emissions roadmap and commit to participating in France’s ZEN 2050 objective. (ZEN 2050 is the national plan for France to become carbon-neutral by 2050. The study was completed in 2018 by the French association EpE – Entreprises pour l'Environnement, or Businesses for the Environment.)

To this end, we are pleased to announce, SNCF has asked Enerdata to assist them in designing GHG emissions reduction trajectories through 2050.

SNCF is the French national state-owned railway company. It manages the rail network and provides train transport services for passengers and freight, but the Groupe’s activity is not limited to rail, nor to France. It includes road transport activities for commuter mobility (through subsidiary Keolis) and for logistics services (through Geodis). SNCF also manages a large real estate portfolio with around 12 million square meters of commercial and tertiary buildings. About one-third of SNCF’s revenue comes from international markets. This all means that reducing GHG emissions from these varied activities is a significant challenge.

The project will consist of analysing existing emissions per activity (from fuel combustion as well as other sources) and identifying all potential levers to reduce emissions – including energy efficiency, decarbonisation, and more – as well as defining roadmaps and key deadlines in order to set ambitious objectives along the path to 2050. (For example, with specific goals for 2025, 2030, etc.)

Our work together with involve all of SNCF’s activities and will fall under the leadership of the Sustainable Development Department, based in Paris.

The final output of this contract is expected this summer.