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Schneider Electric & Enerdata: Prospective Analysis of Energy Demand in Key Sectors and Contribution to Carbon Neutrality

18 Jun 2021

Enerdata has been appointed by Schneider Electric to support the long-term evolution analysis of energy consumption, worldwide and in key countries. For this study, the focus is set on possible disruptions in all end-uses of the different economic sectors, with a specific evaluation of contribution of electrification and digitalisation.

Vincent Petit, SVP Global Strategy Prospective and External Affairs at Schneider Electric, explains: “In the future, key technologies will significantly transform demand and provide services at a fraction of today's cost or offer new services not yet imagined. To a large extent, energy paradigm shifts are driven by such technological evolutions which are largely inevitable and often unanticipated as they provide societies with great benefits: lower costs, more jobs, and rapid adoption”.

In this context, emerging technologies along with energy efficiency and energy sufficiency approaches will be key to help contribute to the global decarbonisation in view of carbon neutrality targeted by the mid-century.

Pascal Charriau, President of Enerdata, adds: “Together with decarbonising the sources of energy, it is definitely a key challenge for the future to understand and potentially accelerate the initiatives and developments leading to reducing energy consumption, in order both to reduce GHG emissions and develop new sustainable businesses. Enerdata is therefore excited to cooperate with Schneider Electric in its deep dive into energy demand disruptions!”.

The study is expected to take place until mid-2022.