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National Energy Efficiency Indicators Database Made Public in Uruguay

Uruguay has decided to grant public access to its national database of energy efficiency indicators (Base de Indicadores de Eficiencia Energética, or BIEE), which Enerdata developed for them in the Context of the United Nations’ CEPAL commission. 

The BIEE is an interactive, user-friendly platform containing disaggregated energy efficiency information for the period of 2006 through 2016. Enerdata developed the platform for Uruguay’s Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) as part of the United Nations’ Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean, or CEPAL.

The new platform provides information on the evolution of the energy sector and economic variables, which together allow for the analysis of trends and ratios.

Further development of this database is ongoing; it will continue to incorporate more data and indicators to allow improved monitoring and evaluation of the energy efficiency actions taken and promoted by the Ministry.

Access the database here, at the Ministry’s website (in Spanish)