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New Odyssee-Mure Datatools Added and Updated

Under the EU’s ODYSSEE-MURE project, Enerdata has developed and maintained six user-friendly data tools to help our users, including policy makers and energy economists, analyze energy efficiency changes and improvements in all EU countries, Switzerland, Serbia and Norway.

The tools present the latest available energy data and drivers for each country, all gathered in one database. Two of the newest tools developed and updated by Enerdata this fall are Combined Scoreboard and Decomposition.

The Combined Scoreboard tool scores each EU country for its energy efficiency levels, improvements and policies, allowing users to see how countries compare in each category and across different sectors.

The Decomposition tool allows users to assess the specific changes in energy use by sector and country since 2000. It also shows in a clear, graphical format what has caused the changes, and to what extent efficiency gains make up for increased consumption and other changes.

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