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Net-Zero Emissions 2050 scenario for the Tunisian energy sector

Enerdata supports the Tunisian National Agency for Energy Conservation (ANME) with the assistance of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the implementation of a net-zero emissions scenario by 2050.

Enerdata updates the two existing scenarios of the National Low-Carbon Strategy (SNBC): the business as usual (BAU) one and the low-carbon (LC) one. The project aims to create also a more ambitious pathway toward net-zero emissions by 2050.Enerdata is in charge of benchmarking the successful international strategies, defining hypothesis with the Tunisian stakeholders, and modeling the energy demand and GHG emissions for six sectors, including the energy industry.

Enerdata takes advantage of the bottom-up EnerMED model which simulates long-term sectoral energy demand, energy balances, and GHG balances. The scenarios’ results are also assessed according to the sustainable development goals (SDG) to compare their impacts in terms of energy vulnerability, climate change mitigation, social and economic concerns.

This project is part of the new Tunisian SNBC in the energy sector and the results will be shared at the international level during COP27 of Charm el-Cheikh.