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Zebra 2020 (Enerdata partner) updates the data tools

ZEBRA 2020 project updates the data tools which offer a user-friendly presentation of indicators related to building activities in Europe.

The first part of the tool on energy efficiency trends enables to display indicators on the status of building stock development in selected European countries. The data are organised in 4 main sections: new construction, renovation activities, sales of energy efficient equipment and energy performance certificates (EPC). The tool endeavours to overcome data gaps and provide comprehensive datasets which support stakeholders in their efforts to consolidate the transition to an nZEB market place. This update presents 2015 data for most of the indicators and includes now policies in the building sector which are linked to relevant quantitative indicators.

The second part of the tool enables to display relevant indicators for a sample of nZEB buildings and high efficient buildings estimated to be at nZEB level, built recently in selected European countries. It aims at providing information of best cases in Europe, thereby showing most recurrent technologies, materials and strategies towards the nZEB target. The tool differentiates residential and non-residential nZEB buildings and shows some of the most significant indicators regarding energy performance, passive and active solutions and production of renewable energy.

Zebra Data Tool