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Supply of market data and energy information systems to the European Commission

The Directorate-General Energy (DG ENER) of the European Commission (EC) oversees the efficiency of the European Union’s energy markets. For this, it has established a Market Observatory for Energy (MOE) which maintains and operates the Energy Market Observation System (EMOS). For those objectives, the EC needs access to reliable, latest, and relevant data on the evolution of clean technologies in Europe and in the world.

For the fourth time, the DG ENER has selected Enerdata to ensure the continuity of this project. The EC relies on our coverage of energy markets across the EU for a continuous watch.  In the context of current energy crises, those markets are evolving fast, requiring strong adaptation skills (e.g., adaptation of data sources, watch of emerging markets and more) to succeed in the delivery of up-to-date data and information.

We will be providing, for the three next years, the MOE thanks to our historical core competence of establishment and accurate update of energy databases, and we will also provide ad-hoc reports, on specific topics relevant for the EC such as renewable energy subsidy policies, market actors, and financing requirements.