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Energy Efficiency Benchmarking explained in our free webinar

Energy Efficiency

After the successful attendance at the last webinar on Smart Grids, Enerdata once again partnered with The Clean Energy Solutions Center to provide a free online training on energy efficiency benchmarking. Our energy analysts explained best practices for benchmarking energy efficiency trends, performance levels and policies & measures. The discussion has been concluded with a description of the characteristics of the right energy efficiency indicators.

Meet our panelists :

Bruno Lapillonne

Bruno Lapillonne (Enerdata Senior Expert of International Policy & Regulation)

Bruno is the co-founder of Enerdata. With over 30 years of experience in the analysis of energy markets for governmental bodies and international organisations, he is a recognised expert of energy policies and regulatory frameworks. Amongst others Bruno has been the for two decades the technical coordinator of the EU's Odyssee project on energy efficiency indicators. In addition he wrote numerous articles on energy prospective. Bruno graduated from a major Electrical Engineering School and holds a PhD in Energy Economics.

Carine Sebi

Carine Sebi (Enerdata Senior Energy Analyst)

Energy Analyst at Enerdata, Carine Sebi holds a PhD in Economics and a MSc in Environmental Economics. Her background includes conducting eco-environmental studies and teaching Economics and Statistics. At Enerdata, Carine is the technical coordinator of the Odyssee project for the European Commission as well as participating in numerous pan European projects on energy efficiency. She also works on experimental economics, public policy assessment and demand analysis. She has been a speaker at several conferences worldwide, and she has been publishing in international journals.

Can't make it to the webinar? Enerdata can answer your energy policy queries for free through The Clean Energy Solutions Center; a clearinghouse of global policy best practices, data reports and analysis tools. To benefit connect to the CESC website and Ask an Expert.