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Enerdata teams up with Clean Energy Solutions Center (CESC)!

Enerdata offers energy expertise at no cost through CESC; a clearing house of global policy best practices, data reports and analysis tools.

Golden, Colorado (USA)/Grenoble (France) - July 24th, 2012 - Enerdata is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Clean Energy Solutions Center (CESC), a leading forum for clean energy policy advice and best practice founded by Clean Energy Ministerial and UN-Energy. This global network of clean energy policy experts offer government agencies, technical institutes and international organisations personalised solutions to their energy policy queries supported by relevant articles and training webinars - at no cost! Multi-lingual assistance is provided on a wide spectrum of topics from energy efficiency to renewable energy policies to the evolution of mobility. To further expand the scope of assistance, contributions are made by reputable organisations such as ClimateWorks, IPEEC, IRENA, Leonardo Energy and now Enerdata.

Enerdata has been given the opportunity to divulge its 25 years of expertise through CESC by engaging in peer learning and dialogue on clean energy policy topics. Expert advice is provided on energy modelling and prospective on renewable and mobility patterns by the President himself, Bertrand Château, who has led an impressive number of consulting projects on the topic. The Vice-President, Bruno Lapillonne, globally recognised as expert of energy efficiency & demand and policy evaluation is another central source of guidance and support.

To launch this collaboration, Enerdata has published the first of several articles on the topic of biofuels which provide an overview of the development of biofuels worldwide and the policies implemented. Are you aware of the impact the EU Renewable Energy directive has on use of biofuels? Has Brazil exceeded its production capability? These questions and many others - whether it be on regulations, standards, financial incentives or deployment programs - can be answered by us and our fellow policy experts through the Solutions Center "Ask an Expert" feature. We greatly encourage you to take advantage of this free service and promote its use to colleagues who may well do with a helping hand.

For further information, contact Enerdata at or CESC at

About Enerdata

Enerdata is an independent Research & Consulting firm specialising in the global energy and carbon markets. The company was founded in 1991 and its managers have over 30 years of experience in economic issues related to midstream and downstream energy. Our teams are composed of skilled economists, analysts, engineers, industry and IT specialists constantly thriving to deliver relevant and up-to-date insight. Leveraging advanced forecasting models and quantitative databases, Enerdata brings innovative expertise to address complex political, economic and financial issues.