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Evolution of Enerdata’s Management and Shareholders

Spin-off from a research institute founded by Bertrand Château and Bruno Lapillonne, Enerdata has experienced a strong growth, becoming an information services and consulting firm recognised in the energy sector, in France and around the world. To continue its development and to prepare for the departure of its founders, Enerdata concluded a sale of its majority stake to Pascal Charriau on the 28th of December, appointed President on the same date.

50 year old engineer, Pascal Charriau has spent a large part of his career in senior management at Schneider Electric. He has demonstrated his willingness to take on board the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation that characterizes Enerdata. Furthermore, he proposes to accelerate growth, by means of investing in innovative projects, and via the international expansion of the organisation, to better meet the needs of its clients and partners.

This takeover ensures strategic and managerial continuity; it envisages keeping Enerdata's headquarters at Grenoble and entails a commitment from Bruno Lapillonne and Sylvain Château to remain full-time in the company.

Bertrand Château:

"This new step will strengthen Enerdata's capacity to offer products, services and expertise recognised throughout our environment, while maintaining the spirit of Enerdata, praised from its beginnings: scientific rigour, independent analysis and long-term relations with our clients and partners. I am very confident in this change in management and in the quality of our team to date. I am personally committed to support Pascal Charriau part-time until March 2014"

Pascal Charriau:

"In an environment where strategic challenges related to energy are becoming increasingly global and sensitive, Enerdata has developed great advantages: unique offers, outstanding skills and high-quality relationships with its customers and partners.

I am therefore honoured to take the lead today and am very enthusiastic to pursue the development of innovative offers, a strong international presence and a long-term cooperation with market players."