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A responsible, ecological and sustainable company: the CSR approach at Enerdata

Enerdata is committed to contributing to a more sustainable and equitable world. By adopting a responsible and committed corporate strategy, we want our company and all our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, partners and shareholders, to participate fully in the sustainable development challenges. To this end, the company initiated in 2019 a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach based on 5 commitments that guide our daily reflections and decisions:

  • Integrate CSR into Enerdata's management and business activities;
  • Promote the development and well-being of employees within the company;
  • Engage in local life;
  • Reduce the company's environmental impact;
  • Establish lasting relationships with our customers and partners.

At Enerdata, the CSR approach is constantly evolving thanks to employees' ideas and initiatives. As a result, innovative projects are regularly launched.

Here are some examples of concrete actions that illustrate this approach:

  • The adoption of a new telework policy (implementation of a one-year test phase starting in October 2019);
  • Participation in the Corporate Mobility Challenge;
  • Facilitating a cycle of internal conferences to encourage the sharing of knowledge and the incubation of new ideas within the company;
  • A training plan focused on development paths;
  • A carbon assessment that will be followed by the implementation of an action plan to reduce our GHG emissions;
  • A partnership with the Energy and Environment Encyclopedias, two Grenoble encyclopedias aimed at the public dissemination of scientific knowledge.