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Identification of decarbonisation levers for territories, according to two scenarios

The French National Agency for Territorial Cohesion, known as ANCT, aims to support regional and local authorities in implementing policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, ANCT intends to create a decision-making guide to provide political representatives and technical departments with an overview of the necessary actions to ensure that their respective territories align with national and international objectives. Our consortium, consisting of Enerdata, In Numeri, and Ceresco, and led by Energies Demain, has been chosen by ANCT to develop this guide. The main objective is to identify effective decarbonisation strategies at the regional level, according to two main trajectories: one emphasizing behavioural changes and energy sufficiency, and the other promoting the rapid adoption of decarbonisation technologies. Our expertise in energy transition scenarios and our experience in aligning local contexts with national objectives will be the pillars of this identification process.

The consortium will classify territories based on their characteristics, such as agricultural practices, transportation modes, and building ages. This classification will facilitate the proposal of tailored actions, organised by intensity level, key issues, and sectors. Each action will be accompanied by a dedicated description outlining the implementation requirements, expected outcomes, and a list of practical examples. By the end of 2023, the guide will undergo testing in three territories before being disseminated more broadly in 2024.