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Country Climate Factsheets for the French Development Agency

The French Development Agency (Agence Française de Développement, or AFD) aims to fight poverty and promote sustainable development all over the world. The AFD’s strategy focuses on climate change and supporting low-carbon trajectories in the developing countries where it operates.

Enerdata is tasked with compiling Country Climate Factsheets for the AFD, in cooperation with partners Solagro and EcoAct.

These Factsheets will serve two purposes: Supporting the AFD Climate Division in assessing the context for low-carbon and climate-resilient development, and helping them understand the extent to which AFD-financed projects are aligned with such objectives.

The Country Climate Factsheets include:

  • A large database of energy and climate data, including Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) for at least 85 countries
  • Figures and graphs illustrating the different topics and sectors covered in each Factsheet
  • An overview of the current context for mitigation and adaptation policies and actions:
    • Study of the low-carbon trajectory context based on energy- and emissions-related indicators by sector, including the contributions of agriculture and LULUCF sectors
    • Analysis of the country’s climate resilience through a detailed review of its vulnerability at the sectoral level (agriculture and food safety, water, health, ecosystems, habitat and urban planning, infrastructure, transport, production, energy, and storage)
  • An analysis of low-carbon trajectories and resilience by country, with a focus on the highest-emitting sectors
  • A particular focus on presenting agriculture and LULUCF emissions and energy consumption
  • Analysis dedicated to NDCs and existing policies, including an overview of the political framework, as well as the existing institutions or organisations involved. Alignments between NDCs, projections and existing policies will be made.