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Understanding Climate Change: Climate Fresco at Enerdata

We organised a first in-house Climate Fresco at Enerdata on November 5, hosted by our analyst Pacco Bailly. The Climate Fresco is a participatory workshop that allows participants to exchange and deepen their knowledge on the causes and consequences of climate change. The workshop is based on a set of cards to organise to build, little by little, a fresco, which makes it possible to understand how climate works on a global scale, what are the anthropological causes of its disruption, and what are the impacts of that disruption.

Our small team discussed and debated for three hours to develop a complete overview. All, novices and experts alike, had the opportunity to discover new aspects of the phenomenon, be it in the links between the different phenomena or in the myriad impacts generated by global warming at different scales and on different ecosystems.

Thanks to our expertise at Enerdata, we had a good understanding of the main mechanisms of climate change: the increase in greenhouse gases caused by human activity and in particular the role played by fossil fuels. But we found that the complexity of these mechanisms made it difficult to connect the different parts and develop a comprehensive overview of impacts. A cause = an effect would have been far too simple! The links gradually multiplied on our fresco as we tried to take into account all these interactions (see the picture of the finished fresco).

At the end of our workshop, we discussed about our levers of action at the individual level. Beginning with drawing up a carbon footprint to see, in our daily actions, which ones had the greatest potential impact (reducing red meat and long-haul flights led the list).

fresque climat