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Energy data early estimates project: the European Commission has published the final report

Enerdata contributed to a project for the European Commission DG Energy aiming to build early estimates on yearly energy data.

The early estimates were produced in August 2016, 6 months before the publication of Eurostat’s official 2015 energy data. They were calculated for all the EU countries for the main energy balance components as well as the renewable energy share in gross final energy consumption and in gross electricity generation.

To carry out this work, Enerdata leveraged its expertise in energy statistics and in econometric modelling.

This work was fundamental to help the European Commission (EC) to monitor progress towards the Energy Union objectives as the EC needs to decrease the time difference between reporting and the reported year. In addition to the early estimates calculation Enerdata has then delivered to the EC a methodology and some recommendations to speed-up Eurostat data collection process.

Download the final report

If you are interested in getting more information about this project you can contact us.