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Support for the prospective exercise on the topic "What level of energy and food autonomy in Burgundy-Franche-Comté in 2050" for ADEME

The objective of this study is to support ADEME (the French Ecological Transition Agency) in preparing and conducting a participatory prospective exercise on the Burgundy-Franche Comté region. The objective is to develop a territorial project, with all the actors (economic actors, local authorities, technical institutes, citizens), to organise a sustainable and optimised management of agricultural, forestry and woodland biomass, and to prevent the risks of competition of uses between sectors of activity.

This work includes evolution scenarios for the year 2050, to highlight the possible and acceptable transitions while facing the main challenges. This vision will be used to define the needs to mobilise the actors on the major balances sought and the formalisation of intermediate objectives (per 5 or 10-year period).

All scenarios aim for carbon neutrality by 2050, in accordance with the National low carbon strategy (SNBC) and aim for a more or less ambitious level of autonomy in terms of energy and/or food.

The prospective exercise has several ambitions:

  • To write narratives, proposing a shared vision of the territory's future, and to help actors understand the impact of national policy orientations on ecological transition at a local level.
  • Involve citizens and organisations as actors in the territorial project and manage to define the conditions of feasibility and acceptability of the expected changes.
  • Propose a common vision that goes beyond sectoral public policies and place the objectives of the framework programmes and their relevance in a medium-term prospective vision (2050 deadlines).

Enerdata's work consists of producing the energy/GHG scenarios, taking into account the balance between energy resources, natural and food resources.