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Facilitation of the implementation of Ademe's roadmap for sufficiency

ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition, has developed in 2021-2022 a strategic roadmap around Sufficiency, a main and transversal pillar of decarbonisation. After that, ADEME needed to organise an internal community, powered by a strategic intelligence, which would communicate key messages to the public.

For the most efficient creation of their Sufficiency community, ADEME needed to rely on partners with various and specific expertise:

  • cross-sectional knowledge on Sufficiency
  • proven facilitation techniques
  • communication and journalistic skills for content gathering at international level and newsletter production by sorting and selecting relevant information for citizens, territories and companies.

This is why the ADEME renewed its trust in Enerdata.

To support ADEME, we leveraged our proven expertise in the creation of prospective scenarios, requiring a transversal approach and the pooling of multiple sectoral models. We benefit from an historical experience on sufficiency applied to the inputs of the energy demand forecasting models and on the analysis of historical data with the method of decomposition analysis of GHG emissions. Finally, we provided our recognised know-how in strategic intelligence implementation, newsletter production, and official study writing.

Thorough the project, Enerdata, in partnership with Missions Publiques, facilitated the ADEME Sufficiency community by providing various meeting formats for governance and stakeholders. We implemented international intelligence by monitoring all the content related to sufficiency, and wrote regular newsletters, with an editorial line covering different geographical areas: France, European Union and international. We created and produced annual reports on Sufficiency, including feedbacks, key figures and expert analyses.


  • A mapping of sufficiency actors (in the broad sense)
  • A roadmap update with monitoring indicators
  • 3 newsletters per year for 3 years
  • 2 reports on sufficiency