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Study for EpE: What Will it Take for France to Achieve Carbon-Neutrality by 2050?

If France is to achieve carbon-neutrality by the middle of the century, what lifestyle changes would be required of the French people?

What adaptations will be needed in major economic sectors?

What actions need to be taken in the short-term?

Enerdata is pleased to share the results of a transverse study: ZEN 2050 (or Zero Net Emissions 2050), which aims to answer these questions and others. The study was conducted for the French organization EpE (Entreprises pour l’Environnement, or Businesses for the Environment) and directed by Enerdata and Carbone 4, with the contribution of sectoral expertise from Solagro (soil, agriculture, and food), from CIRED (Philippe Quirion, macroeconomics) and with the support of a sociologist (Stéphane Labranche).

This study required the development of a new methodology in order to consider all sectors, all greenhouse gasses, and the evolution of behaviors through a sociological approach. All told, many lessons were learnt. If you want to know more, please contact us at 

Click here to access the full publication, the executive brief, or the infographic