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Looking back at 2022 – 2023, Enerdata’s review

At Enerdata, we closed our fiscal year on March 31st.

On July 6th, we held our general shareholders meeting to review our year, results, projects, etc.

Here are the key points we would like to share with you.

New pressure and challenges

The Energy and Climate world is experiencing increasing pressure

  • In 2022, the impacts of climate change became more visible and often had dramatic consequences.
  • A larger portion of the population is becoming more aware of the growing risks.
  • However, actions and trends in key indicators are not yet at a consistent level with an under 2 °C scenario

Additionally, 2022 presented new major challenges

  • The war in Ukraine and its consequences affected energy supply and energy security for many countries, particularly in Europe.
  • The war and other factors resulted in significant energy price increases, posing challenges for individuals, corporations, and governments striving to balance climate change and energy affordability.


New expectations

New expectations are emerging

  • Trend analysis, policy definition and development of roadmaps for achieving Net Zero Emissions remain areas of active growth for Enerdata. Various stakeholders are now involved in this process including countries, local authorities (regions, cities), corporations, sectoral associations.
  • Pricing has become a perpetual challenge for organisations, with numerous variables requiring careful monitoring, including inflation, stability, policies, and forecasts.
  • Energy security is now a strategic focus in many countries and regions, impacting energy mix and investment policies.
  • Due to accelerated climate change, higher supply costs, and increased supply risks, reducing energy consumption has once again become a top priority. Energy efficiency measures and investments are rising, and energy sufficiency is now seen as a new strategic approach.
  • Energy and climate issues are increasingly interconnected with other Sustainable Development Objectives, encouraging organisations to work towards a comprehensive understanding that encompasses biodiversity, land use, materials and social inequalities.

New offerings

At Enerdata, we have taken significant steps to enhance our offerings and contribute to the development of solutions:

  • We continue to expand our team and develop tools and methodologies in our core areas of expertise, such as data collection and analysis, market intelligence, and prospective studies.
  • The successful integration of Infinergia (acquired in late 2021) has enabled us to introduce a new offering in Clean Technologies.
  • We have also developed new offerings and capabilities in several other priorities areas, including price evolution and forecasting, portfolio analysis for investors, and the power flexibility market.
  • In France, we are actively involved in various missions based on the deployment of the ADEME Transitions2050 scenarios at different levels (region, metropolis, corporate). This approach has proven to be highly promising and fruitful!
  • We are investing in developing methodologies and references for emerging topics, such as energy sufficiency.
  • We are adapting our core models (POLES, EnerMED, EnerNEO) to address these trends and requirements.
  • We are constantly making progress through productive collaborations with recurring and new partners, as well as demanding and innovative customers.

Key customer projects

Some characteristic examples of customers' projects we achieved in 2022-23:

  • European Commission – DG ENER – energy subsidies, innovative PV, ...
  • Portfolio analysis for investment in specific sectors: BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole Assurances.
  • Focused analysis and regional deployment projects based on ADEME Transitions2050 scenarios.
  • Introduction of a new Energy Information System in Algeria, Net Zero scenarios in Tunisia, and Low Carbon roadmap in Morocco.
  • Green Hydrogen analysis for Climate Works Foundation.

Detailed information and additional references are available here

2022-2023 at Enerdata

  • Some key figures
    • Recurring double-digit growth in Sales and Headcount
    • 12 new team members
    • More than 50 new customer projects won
    • Balanced mix between subscriptions and contracts from our consulting business model
    • Customers and projects in more than 30 countries
  • 2 Key events
    • A two-day seminar with partners and customers in May 2022
    • A two-day staff seminar in March 2023

seminar clients

  • Social Corporate Responsibility (RSE) – key milestones
    • Update of transportation policy and support for sustainable transportation
    • Silver medal with Ecovadis rating
    • Membership in the United Nations Global Compact initiative
    • Yearly update of our carbon footprint and action plans
    • EnerVision: our company-wide project

Thank you to all our Enerdata colleagues for their hard work and team spirit. We feel fortunate to be part of this team!

Thank you to our customers for their trust, input and feedback.

Thank you to our numerous partners, companies, NGOs, freelancers and universities for enabling us to thrive in a dynamic environment!

And thank you to our shareholders for their trust, patient investment, and support in building our company!