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EU ETS emissions permits simulation

ASPEN is a software developed to simulate the development of the EU ETS market and the carbon price. It is a module of the POLES model, a global energy forecasting model.

the main features of ASPEN are :

  • Identify a perimeter of emissions permits
  • Assess a global supply and demand of emissions permits
  • Assess an equilibrium price of emissions permits
  • Determine a marginal cost by country
  • Assess the import & exports of emission permits by county

ASPEN uses as inputs the Marginal Abatment Curves produced with the POLES model, in order to assess the equilibrium price and the entire volume of exchanges that occured on a given market.

ASPEN is a flexible tool, that can be customised to analyse :

  • The co-living of a permit system and a tax system
  • How to integrate other GHG emissions than CO2
  • Impact of inculding carbon pits

For further information about this model and its applications, or to define an evaluation of your needs, please contact us

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