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Yearbook 2014: Global Energy Market Review

Enerdata releases the 2014 edition of its free Global Energy Statistical Yearbook

Yearbook 2014 is Enerdata's free online interactive application that provides global energy statistics, diffused on an interactive interface with maps and graphs.

Access to:

  • Statistics on the production, consumption and trade of oil, gas, coal and power at world level, and by world region and country updated until 2013
  • CO2 emissions from energy use
  • An intuitive and user-friendly online interface, which includes graphs and map
  • Free data export in *.xls files for advanced analysis

Key Figures of 2013

Total energy: +1.9%

  • Oil: +1.2%
  • Coal: +2.2%
  • Gas: +1.2%
  • Electricity: +2.2%
  • CO2 (energy): +1.8%

Global Energy & CO2 Data
Global Energy & CO2 Data
Access to Enerdata Global Energy Database, the most comprehensive (186 countries, up to 2 000 indicators by country) and up-to-date (2014) information source in its area. Read more

Access the online energy statistics yearbook

This statistical yearbook relies on the Enerdata World Energy Data Bank, developed and maintained since 1986 by a team of energy specialists.

With a comprehensive geographical coverage of 186 countries, and a multi-energy approach, this application is an introduction to Enerdata suite of online information services dedicated to the energy industry.

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