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Global Energy & CO2 Data
This publication leverages the Enerdata Global Energy & CO2 Database: 2 000 data points and indicators by country for 186 countries, 2014 data.
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2014 Global Energy Trends

Date of publication: June 2015

Analysis of the trends in the world energy markets. 2015 Edition.

According to the 2014 Global Energy Trends publication, Enerdata points out 2014 as a remarkable year with a near stagnation in energy demand and CO2 emissions despite economic growth.

The G20’s 2014 Key Energy figures:

  • +3.5% Economic Growth
  • +0.3% (10.8 Gtep) Energy consumption stagnation
  • -0.2% (26GtCO2) CO2 emissions stabilisations

World Energy Consumption 2014

The main trends derived from the publication are:

  • Historical stagnation in energy consumption
  • Stabilisation in CO2 emissions
  • Global energy consumption stabilisation is reflected everywhere:
    • 0 growth for gas,
    • Fall in coal consumption,
    • Slight increase in electricity consumption

The Global Energy Trends Analysis also provides additional graphs on such topics as:

  • Coal: most consumed energy source in G20 countries
  • Oil: 50% fall in international prices
  • Oil: demand continues to slightly increase
  • Gas: high impact of climate on gas consumption

Download the full analysis of the 2014 Global Energy Trends here.

2014 Global Energy Trends Read the official press release.

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